The Halogen

by Roman Ring

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A U.S. soldier was experimented on during the beginning of WWII. The U.S. Government had a secret base in Vatican City, Rome - This was a neutral area during the war. The secret base was used to conduct voluntary experiments on U.S. soldiers.

The goal of this particular experiment was to create a method of organic camouflage by manipulating electrons in the human body to allow it to dissipate into its surroundings while maintaining consciousness and senses. The purpose of this was to create super-soldiers who would have the ability to spy on enemy forces to strategically eliminate them all in stealth. the main character "Charles" is the guinea pig solider for this experiment. The operation goes wrong, immediately sending Charles into a coma, subsequently killing him.

In his coma, Charles "awakes" into an altered dimension where he is no longer bound by physical laws and now capable of traveling throughout space and time. However, he is unable to control these "powers" and ends up burning through the universe until he is lost within the void of the cosmos. In his trip, Charles believes that he has become the universe itself, or rather "God". However, Charles does not realize that he has passed away and is now trapped in the afterlife as a restless ghost. The epilogue of the EP titled "White Noise" is meant to suggest that Charles is still trying to communicate with humanity from the other side of consciousness in order to find his way back to our reality.


released March 20, 2020

Recorded by Paul Aluculesei
Mixed by Nate Madden and Paul Aluculesei
Mastered by Rolin Weary at IV Lab Studios
Artwork by Parin Cashmony

Piano on 'White Noise' composed and performed by Adrian Perez
Guitar solo in 'Flesh Dispel' (2:24) composed and performed by Paul Aluculesei

Drums, guitars, bass, piano, and reamping tracked at IV Lab Studios
Additional guitars and bass tracked at Paul's home studio
Vocals recorded at The Space

This recorded was created between May of 2016 and March of 2018


all rights reserved



Roman Ring Chicago, Illinois

An anomaly amongst the Chicago metal scene, Roman Ring fuses together elements rarely heard from their local peers. Combining blistering speed and technicality with passages of polyrhythmic grooves along with other-worldy influences. Their music will take you on a journey to another dimension before bringing you back to this earth as an evolved being. ... more

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Track Name: Charles
I am creation
I once believed in providence
But a man in control of his destiny is like an ant woven by the spider it never knew

I am entropy
We mortals are confined by time
The unwinding coil that returns us to dust
But even dust finds purpose in this physical realm
Just as the shadows and the dark matter that we breathe

I have collapsed
Dwelling with brothers and sisters in gaseous black clouds
Flowing together in singularity
Void of all sense
I am entropy

I am every living thing before it came to be
I have shattered heaven

I am creation
I am entropy
Track Name: Vatican City
December 8, 1941
Destination: Vatican City, Rome

It was the day after Pearl Harbor
The day my life changed forever

The scientists insist, I will be the first super-human
I am the glorified mutant

To be one with the shadows
To effortlessly know thy enemy
To have the next six steps in mind
An ability that man can only dream of

I once heard when giving to others, do so in secret

That's been my life in the corps
I've given blood, sweat, tears, and sanity

I've landed now, greeted by men in suits and the lifeless stare of laboratory masks in the distance
I had to remind myself why I was here
To change the world as the unspoken savior

When properly executed. I'll possess the ability to mimic surrounding atoms in regulated lapses
Systematically gathering enemy intelligence, to eliminate their chain of command

The laboratory men began to prep me for the procedure
I lay stiffened on the slab limbs restrained
Enthralled in the chamber accompanied by vapor and exhaust, my soon to be brothers

The scientists insist, I will be the first super-human
I am the glorified mutant

Banish this physical vessel and dispel my flesh
Where I will dissipate into my surroundings as camouflage

Dispel flesh

Where the laws of physics will all be bent
Allowing me to exist cloaked within the laws of chemistry
I began to vomit enormous amounts of black mass
Spewing forth gaseous murk
The siphons around me violently shatter
As gas ruptures through my pores

Smoke fills the air
Releasing the seething fumes
Clouding throughout the room
My new form drifts away
Track Name: God Narcotic
It all happened so suddenly
I was floating backwards through a black tunnel of nothingness
I, but a speck of pure awareness (in a lost and dismal over world)

I felt myself being pulled into hyperspace, by a pod of souls

Solar beacons streamed from my fingertips
Ultraviolet light dripping from my mouth
My existence, one of the stars

The ethereal vista I found myself in was overwhelmingly fascinating

It was seemingly an altered dimension, one of indescribable complexity
For even the air around me was visible, like some sort of super intelligent message
And orbs of brilliant light continuously cascaded down from the sky
The experience was somewhat catastrophic

For I soon realized it wasn't simply a trance, but maybe I'd crossed over into the afterlife

I accepted the fact, that whether I was dead or alive - this was still consciousness
Perhaps in a dark realm of sentient existence

One that felt eerily divine
As if this celestial benediction was but a hoax
Regardless, I was a supreme being there

Where streams of uninhibited imagination were ushered by my will
Like a deity conjuring its throne in limbo

One of undeniable proportions that would leave me condemned, to oblivion
Then insurmountable fury began to burn
Throughout my soul
Track Name: Umbra Mortis
I'm greeted by shadows and fog, with a dimming light overhead
I feel deathless and eager to unleash this unlimited potential

I am nacreous
I am murk, beyond the sun

Iridescent at will, or as absent as the empty night sky

I am earth and the waters that are held within it
I am the limitless winds that exists unseen

I'm the epoch of this bastard multiverse
A dismal nightmare latching unto all
Ubiquitous and infinite

I'm greeted by shadows and fog, with a dimming light overhead

Burning throughout this enervated planet
For it's importance has now been compromised

For I am the air you breathe and every sequence of yoru existence is now a result of me
For infinity

I, now a shade of reality, latching unto all
Ubiquitous and infinite
Track Name: Flesh Dispel
Between the lines of shadows and dust
A fluorescent beam of light emits from beyond
Pouring seething columns of distorted shapes

Oscillating throughout this prismatic vortex of celestial spheres
Creating a blurring vista of disarray in loathsome profusion

I've lived 300 billion lifetimes simultaneously within linear intervals of stolen time
Merging the past, present, and future into one
What rapture, to subsist in perpetual supremacy

This feeling is more than I ever wanted
I'm hearing colors and seeing sounds
And then...
Suppression of sense
This ebony mass engulfs my soul
As I spiral throughout the abyss of expiration

Augmenting kaleidoscopic ruin
Ionizing throughout this poly-chromatic plateau of non-existence

Ass animation is restored
I am surrounded by a luminous chaos
In which I slowly dissolve
Disintegrating sinews into orbit
While I am devoured by the void in a flurry of inconceivable sequences

I burn through the cosmos
As birth and death occur at once

Penetrating the walls of existence
Absorbing infinity
To conquer mortality

I am encompassed by hallways of dimensions
Pseudo realities, each leading to astral damnations
Where the flesh is condemned and the elements reign crowned with obscurity
A continuous array of ashes hover overhead

The totality of human thought beyond the speed of light
My ethereal form liquefies into plasma and then I slowly dissolve
Dispelling my eternal being into limitless abstraction
A fathomless ascendance into illusory dominion
There is nothing left to embrace, for now I am all

Every feasible quantum outcome has materialized within my Stygian evolution
The paramount distention has now been completely exhausted
A wave-function collapse is inevitable
I have become decoherence itself - an inter-dimensional harbinger of self-ruin and bane
I am now dead on the inside by virtue of everything being dead on the outside

What a marvel it was
To proclaim authority over the multiverse
And pluck the strings of all phenomena
Conquering the unknown

I've seen every corner of heaven
I've felt the furnace of hell
But this was all just a death hex
And the high was a spell

I began to vomit enormous amounts of black mass, which encompassed the paradise around me
Blackening it all with ire until I could perceive no more

As I observe the occurrence of every single event throughout the course of all time
All in the blink of an eye

Dispel flesh

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